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Visit the showroom in Waimanalo. 


Kini Ziegner makes custom furniture out of tropical hardwoods in the town of Waimanalo on the island of Oahu in Hawai'i. His love for wood started 40 years ago when he built his first kitchen table and subsequently most of the furniture for his house. The wood is all reclaimed on Oahu from dead trees and construction sites using portable saw mills and chain saws. 


Kini makes: Dining Tables, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Benches, Dressers, Headboards, Beds, Nightstands, Sofa Tables, Entryway Tables, Entertainment Centers, Rocking Chairs, TV Stands, Jewelry Boxes, Cutting Boards, Canoe Paddles, Round Tables, Custom Furniture, Desks, Slab Tables, Real Wood Furniture, Live Edge, Reclaimed Wood

Some of the tropical woods Kini likes to work with includes: Monkey Pod (Monkeypod), Koa, Cuban Mahogany, Lychee, Opiuma, Mango, Australian Blackwood, Earpod, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Kamani, Silky Oak, Norfolk Pine, Dragon Eye, Golden Shower, Bloodwood, Cook Island Pine, Lemon Gum Eucalyptus, Hawaiian Koa, Eucalyptus Robusta, Ironwood, Giant Crepe Myrtle, Olive, Formosa Koa, Kiawe, Ipe.